Raise your VOICE

This year I had the opportunity to organize and execute UCSB Vietnamese Student Association’s 5th annual high school outreach program aka VOICE (Vietnamese Outreach Initiative for College Education). Cool acronym right?? Thanks, Melinda.

18238659_10211143615724152_2309207378100044191_o (1).jpg

VOICE is an all expense paid two-days conference here at UCSB where low-income and low-opportunity high school students from all over Orange County can come to participate in college prep and cultural workshops, campus tours, keynote speaker, overnight dorm experience, and other activities.

This project was really dear to me because believe it or not, I SIR-ed to this school without ever visiting the campus. My parents worked days in days out and the weekends are for relaxing and other leisure activities. The first time I stepped foot onto UCSB was somewhere in August, a month before the first day of school. Being able to give back to the Vietnamese American community down in OC through this project was tremendously worthwhile and fulfilling.

Saying that this event was easy to organize would be an understatement. Months of filling out funding requests, paperwork and balancing a 6 thousand dollars budget… this event took quite a toll on me, especially when all these preparatory work went unnoticed within the club.

After the event, I got a little surprise in my inbox.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 12.08.53 AM.jpg


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