Venice: Italy’s Floating City

Venice, Italy 2017

Not going to lie, the first time I learned about the city of Venice was through the movie “Italian Job”. The scene of Jason Statham racing his speedboat through Venice’s dense canals pulling off a sophisticated heist left a strong imprint on my mind about the city. Check out my vlog at the end!

This was my first time going to Europe so I knew I wanted Venice to be on my itinerary. There are so many things to love about this city: the beautiful water; the singing gondolas; the seafood and pastas; the distinct architecture and churches; and its history. It’s hard to imagine that I was walking the same streets that Leonardo Da Vinci once did, or the building I was staring at was where the Medici family lived. Every corner of this city was a piece of history lesson waiting to be learned.


My dad and I made a quick day trip to the colorful island of Burano. It was a dream strolling through the streets, the houses looked like they were out of the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory movie. Definitely a must-see if you’re venturing to Venice in the near future!


Perhaps the best thing about Venice is its sunset.  Look at the way the sun beams bring out the vibrant tones of the Venetian buildings.


I will definitely return to this city one day. (please clean up the graffiti, city manager). In addition, I also made a short video!



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